Webalon - web design and development

Webalon is a London-based web design and development company that loves crafting beautiful, bleeding-edge web apps. We are responsible for the popular story telling app Tiki-Toki and family tree maker PeoplePlotr.


Webalon's founder, Alex Kearns, has worked on some of the BBC's most prestigious web projects, not least the Seven Ages of Rock site, which became a showpiece of the corporation's Web 2.0 technologies

What we do:

We create beautiful, simple-to-use stuff for the web. We have thus far launched two products - popular time-based story telling app Tiki-Toki and beautiful family tree creator PeoplePlotr - and are currently working on a third product, due to be launched in the second half of 2013.

Timeline Software for the Masses

Tiki-Toki (www.tiki-toki.com) is our first consumer product. It allows anyone to create beautiful web-based interactive timelines that can be shared on the web. Since its launch in 2011, Tiki-Toki has grown to become one of the leading web-based timeline products. It is used by a wide range or organisations, from schools to businesses to non-profits, as well as by individuals.

Beautiful family trees

PeoplePlotr (www.peopleplotr.com) was launched at the start of 2012, with the aim of providing a simple to use app for creating interactive family trees. The product is notable for allowing unrivalled customisation of how the family tree appears. Users can choose a backgrund image for their chart, create their own colour scheme, add explanatory panels of text, etc etc.


Alexander Kearns, Webalon's founder, can be contacted by email at: alex.kearns@webalon.com.